Dancing into a Double Mastectomy

I know I should feel joy watching this video. So many others found it inspiring and great to watch. For some reason, though, I feel kind of bitter. I was in NO mood for dancing before my double mastectomy, though yes I do remember times during my treatment and surgeries when I made jokes or did things to lighten the mood and be positive in the face of overwhelming negativity.

I wonder how other survivors feel. I’m probably just bitter because I don’t have thousands of YouTube views. Or maybe it’s because things like this perpetuate the view that breast cancer and cancer surgeries in general aren’t all that serious. (More likely, though, it’s the YouTube views thing).


7 thoughts on “Dancing into a Double Mastectomy

  1. On so many levels is this asinine. Stopped watching after the first 20 seconds. 5 minutes! Feel sorry for the next scheduled case in that or room. So typical of our current society putting everything out there even if it is a private , sensitive , life situation. Wanting to share a very personal event with the world seems to satisfy some person’s need to get “that 15 minutes of fame”. Give me a break!
    As a surgeon , I would not like to operate in a room where 10 people were just stirring up the dust and germs in a semi- sterile environment.
    One other thing. White people should avoid trying to dance if they cannot be rhythmic.

  2. Oh , forgot , to invite everybody to my pre-vasectomy flash mob video. Just joking , couldn’t get anybody to “jiggle ” with me.
    No, Cara, you are the most normal, sensitive, appropriate , human being I have ever known. You have gone through things no one your age should ever have to experience. And you have done it with dignity, grace, strength, emotional swings, without having to hide your pain and fear in behind silly displays.

  3. I wouldn’t even give a split second to watch this – totally ridiculous and a sad statement highlighting today’s blurred boundaries …..I agree with all JS’ comments.

  4. I felt uneasy watching the video too. Had first seen it on FB. Was preparing a blog but saw everyone else writing about it too so nixed it and have been popping around to let other bloggers know I felt similarly (since majority of bloggers also felt uneasy watching it). Honestly, my first thought was, her denial mechanism is kicking in now, but I know well the wall she will hit later when this all becomes too real. As so many have experienced, the gravity of cancer often doesn’t hit or even start to sink in until treatment is over. But, everybody is different. So far, I’ve only seen 2 BC patients who liked the video. Everyone else who did had *not* had BC. I thought that was the most telling of all.

    Thanks for writing about this.

  5. You know….considering I’m having surgery next Wednesday (prophylactic hysterectomy), do I really want to see this video? (that’s a more rhetorical question, hah) but I don’t think I do. And, my first thought was (I’m so cynical) is that this video is FAKE. I think everything is FAKE now a days. 🙂

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