Humans of New York



I found this really awesome Facebook account called Humans of New York. I didn’t read all about it, but I’m pretty sure it’s just a photographer who finds random people in NYC, interviews them, and photographs them. It’s such a simple yet awesome idea… of course my first thought was “Why didn’t I think of that?!?” Sigh. Hashtag feelings of inadequacy. 

Anyway… while scrolling through the page, I came across this one post and it instantly made me misty-eyed because it perfectly and eloquently sums up my relationship with my boyfriend. It also, indirectly, sums up what happened during my cancer experience. He didn’t really want to be involved in every aspect, nor did I want that, but the second I needed him, he was there. I think this is a good balance for people to strike during cancer treatment – you don’t always need someone, but when you do, it’s important that they be there for you. Thanks, Will! 



5 thoughts on “Humans of New York

  1. Cara……. I’m so glad that you had Will’s love and support during this most difficult time in your life. My only comment is that we all can use that kind of relationship even when we are not living with cancer in our lives. We don’t always need our partner to be involved with every aspect of our lives but when we do want and need their involvement, it is wonderful to know that you can depend on that. Otherwise, why bother being in a relationship??? Good for you and Will and kudos to you for recognizing him in such a public way! You are great!

  2. a beautiful post about a beautiful relationship! isn’t it lovely to find something another has written and you see yourself right where they are? striking a balance of knowing when we need our beloved by our side, and seeing how that balance helped you both, when Will was at the ready to be such a loving support is a lovely thing, it’s a joy to read, and must be such a joy to you. i bet Will is so proud and happy to know how much you appreciate and love him with the recognition you have given him.

    love and light, XOXO

    Karen, TC

  3. Sounds like you are very blessed to have had someone in your life to stand with your during this. I have at times pondered about my road (with brain tumors and genetic conditions)….and while I get on the pity pot at times because I do not have anyone to stand with me (friends or significant other and my family is pretty much over it…) I’m not over it. Does that make sense? I’ll have to check out that site and keep writing. 🙂 That’s all I can do. 🙂 OK, no more pity pot for me.

    1. It makes perfect sense! I know I was lucky and can’t imagine going through this without support. I feel for you but know that you’re strong and will do what you need to do.

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