Have shoes, pack, hair… will travel.

I haven’t updated in quite a while, but it’s for good reason. I’ve been planning a big life change and I’m finally ready to announce it here! Yes – I have quit my job (last day in the office will be this coming Friday the 25th), and will be embarking on a two-month adventure through Ecuador and Peru.

I am endlessly excited and endlessly terrified all at the same time. So many people ask me why I’m doing this, and it’s sometimes hard to articulate. So often throughout the past year, I’ve thought to myself, “there’s got to be more to life than the routine of working 9 to 5, cooking dinner, watching Thursday night sitcoms, and going to bed, just to do it all over again.”

While my life was by no means bad, I still just felt like there was more out there. Like I could get closer to finding my passions, I just needed an out-of-the-box experience. I needed to get out and see things, spend some contemplative time with myself, and be challenged, empowered, and humbled by the universe. I could blame it on cancer, but I can’t say that this wouldn’t have happened anyway. Cancer just made it seem more urgent.

So… solo travel to South America emerged as a viable plan. I was a Spanish minor in college and I love the region’s literature and culture, plus it’s a haven for backpackers, and Ecuador is one of the cheapest countries in that part of the world.

I’m off on February 4th. First I’ll enroll in a Spanish school in Quito to get back my language skills, and then I’m off to adventure. First to the beach with my boyfriend for a week, then back to Quito to see him off and make my way down through the varied Ecuadorian landscape and into Peru, where my main goal is to get to Macchu Picchu, however that might happen. I’m not planning to blog regularly, because I would rather be living in the moment, but hopefully I’ll be able to post some pictures and updates here, just so I have some documented memories!

Hiking shoes
These shoes are made for walking
photo 3
Hey, hair past my ears!
photo 2
My pack. Think I can fit my mattress in there?



3 thoughts on “Have shoes, pack, hair… will travel.

  1. Hot Damn! You GO girl.

    Marlene and I have been thinking about taking some long trips….. with Isreal, India, Peru, and China high on the list. I’m sure you’ll have a blast. The only “luck” I wish you is at the time you decide to return. Once you’ve seen Macchu Picchu, coming back to “reality” in the good old USA has got to be a short term bummer. Oh well, knowing you….. you’ll cross or build that bridge when you come to it! Have a blast. Chuck Klayman

  2. Can I come with you? I am fluent in Spanish, having lived in Spain in college and having been a Spanish teacher as my first career. I travel well and can be your Spanish tutor! WOW! I would never ask you why you are doing this. What a fabulous experience this will be! After my semester at the Universidad de Madrid (long time ago….Franco was still in power), I travelled with a few people throughout Europe on a Europass and it was the most exciting experience! I am thriled for you and can’t wait to hear all about your travels. I wish for you lots of adventure, amazement, awe-inspriring experiences, new friendships and a new sense of the wonder of the world! Be safe (that’s from the parent in me) and keep in touch with us as you go along your way!
    ! Buen viaje!
    Con mucho carino,

  3. Wow Cara, fantastic plan! This will be a very special time for you, so good to know you are doing this. Will look forward to seeing you and hearing all about it when you are back. Love and safe journey.

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