Dad’s Day

This weekend was Father’s Day, so I wanted to share a picture of me and my dad circa the early 90’s. This guy is amazing. He raised three kids, ages 3, 12, and 15 when my mom died of breast cancer, and no one could have done it better or with more love. I am thankful for him every day (and also thankful for the help he’s had along the way from neighbors, friends, and the indefatigable Nancy).


I promised  to be more aware of my “Our Town Moments”, so here’s one from the weekend. On Saturday night, I was at my parents’ house in Pennsylvania. We’ve all been going through a lot lately, not just stemming from my cancer last year but other big changes in people’s lives that affect all of us because we love and support one another. Still, Saturday night we had fun and normalcy, just me, my dad, Nancy, my brother, and my boyfriend. While the sun was still out we played ladder golf in the backyard and had a lovely dinner outside on the porch. When it was dark we spent a couple hours in the hot tub, tracing the course of satellites above our heads (something my dad taught us to do years ago). I was thankful for family, laughter, nature, fireflies, and the universe, for being beautiful and full of twinkling surprises.


5 thoughts on “Dad’s Day

  1. Having known your Dad since way back in the day, I second that emotion ! It was wonderful to see that snapshot and to read the snapshot of that magical Saturday night gathering, may you have many many more.

  2. Thanks daughter, you have always been a pleasure to father. Oh and by the way those really aren’t satellites. Just tiny high altitude fireflies.

  3. Cara……..Once again, you touched my heart! How wonderful that you know how to “gather ye rosebuds while ye may!” Yes, it such a wonderful thing to get joy from small and non-material things such as you described. And it is fabulous to hear you express your love for your Dad and for the “indefatigable Nancy,” who have both contributed so much to your life, each in his/her own way. I applaud you, once again, for the depth of your thoughts and emotions, I am so glad to have gotten to know you via this blog of yours. I think you are a FABULOUS woman!

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