Escaping into books and kicking ass

I’ve been slightly obsessed with The Hunger Games the past couple of weeks. I read all three books in a week and a half, and I basically spent several hours sobbing and/or freaking out about what was going on in the books. My boyfriend thought I was crazy, and that’s probably a fair assessment, but the books were such an amazing escape from life that I got absorbed completely! If anyone is going through chemo right now and reading this, PLEASE make The Hunger Games your infusion-room reading choice. You won’t regret it, and you’ll visualize the cancer drugs as kick-ass little Katnisses fighting off cancer.

After The Hunger Games, I wanted to satisfy more of my young-adult-literature yearning, so I moved on to The Fault in our Stars. Wow. Also a great book, for many different reasons. It’s about (wait for it) CANCER, specifically teenagers dealing with chronic cancers, and it is a touching love story, a compelling look at family dynamics, and a profound exploration of how people find strength in crappy circumstances. Read that one as well, but maybe not until you’re finished chemo. It’s… well… you’ll cry. A lot.

And finally, I took an amazing self-defense class this weekend and I wanted to share how empowering it was. We learned all about knees to the groin and punching and getting into a fighting stance, and I felt like a warrior! Then, the next day, I felt like a sore warrior. But it was totally worth it. My 5k is next weekend (!) and I think that, in addition to keeping up with running, I could add self-defense classes into my fitness regimen.


One thought on “Escaping into books and kicking ass

  1. This sore warrior speed-walked to Woodley Park in a record-setting 10 minutes this morning! Woo! And that class WAS awesome. And so are you. 🙂

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