Doctor, Doctor

I’ve seen a lot of healthcare professionals recently. That included:

  • my oncologist for my regular appointment (I see her every three months, and this was the second post-chemo check up),
  • a gynecologist for a well-woman exam,
  • a nutritionist for some diet advice,
  • and a general practitioner because, well, I guess I felt it was important to have a GP.

And next month I have a dentist appointment and an appointment with Medical Faculty Associate’s Survivor Clinic.

On one hand, I tell myself I need these appointments. I need a gyno. I need a GP. I need clinical advice from a nutritionist. But on the other hand, I wonder if it’s too much and I’m doing it as a subconscious way to ensure that the healthcare world doesn’t forget about me.

“Hey, I’m still here. I had cancer; it might be gone now, but I still need attention and to be close to those who can care for me if I need care.”

It’s also a bit confusing because sometimes I’m not sure what doctor can play what role in my care. For instance, does seeing my oncologist every three months substitute for seeing a GP every year? Is seeing a gynecologic-oncologist the same as seeing a gynecologist? And can someone please be my personal assistant to keep track of all this crap?

Where is a girl to find answers?



One thought on “Doctor, Doctor

  1. Cara……..You are wonderful! What a delight! You are SO in tune with your feelings and express them so very well! I saw your parents last night and your Dad gave me your e mail and I want to share some thoughts with you about something you wrote a while ago, so i will do that soon. I think that you are right on target: anytime a person has had a serious medical situation like you have had, it is somewhat comforting, if in a weird way, to be in touch with all the medical personnel. It is always an adjustment when you wean yourself away from that and “get back to a normal life.” Of course, after you have had breast cancer at age 25, what IS a normal life? In December, I had a close friend who had been at the Mayo Clinic for a month total. I went out to help him and his wife for a few days and to go home with them. When this friend was told he could get dressed and leave the hospital, he curled into a fetal position and did not move. Why? He felt safe and secure in the hospital and not sure he could handle everything on his own. i have no idea how many nor which doctors you need. But you are right to question it and it does sound confusing. Whatever the answers are, you are doing a fabulous job of asking the questions…..and probably of answering many of them yourself. Keep up the good work. I have no doubt that you will figure it all out. The first step is asking all the right questions and , for sure, you are doing that well!
    Take good care.

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