Drama Averted

MRI was all clear. Of course, after getting the good results, I felt a bit crazy for getting the test in the first place. But as my family said, I had a reason to be worried and at least now we’re certain that the worst-case scenario flying through my head was not true.

And thank goodness for that.

I am definitely going to search for a therapist. There’s just so much in my head right now that I need to get out, and I think a lot of my symptoms were probably caused by stress and anxiety and then getting stressed and anxious about my stress and anxiety. I need to learn to relax – step away from stressful situations – and most importantly, I need to learn the best way to live this post-cancer life.


3 thoughts on “Drama Averted

  1. I have a recommendation for a great therapist in the DC area – she is Tenleytown-based and deals with anxiety disorders. I say this as a patient of hers for the past two years. If you’re interested, just email me and I will pass on her info.

    Glad it was nothing!

  2. We are VERY relieved, as are you and your family, that the results were negative!. WHEW!
    Love, Chuck and Marlene Klayman

  3. Nothing to feel crazy for. Very glad it’s all clear, and even though I can’t completely relate I am happy to listen til you find a good therapist. 🙂

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