Bad press for Komen

Those of you who are (unfortunately) hooked into the breast cancer “scene” have probably already heard about the controversy over the Susan G. Komen Foundation pulling grants to Planned Parenthood allegedly because of pressure from anti-abortion groups.

I don’t want to get political, but this does anger me because, while people may not agree with all activities of Planned Parenthood, they do provide breast cancer screening services to a large number of disadvantaged women who may not have these services otherwise. So this decision by Komen, no matter the reason or your politics, is jeopardizing the breast health of a huge number of women which is neither good nor right.

My friend brought my attention to this article and I want to share it with you all: Five Ways to Support Women’s Health for All. Even if you do not agree with the article, I do want to highlight a list in a previous entry of some excellent organizations that are just as worthy of donations as Komen and are important to me for one reason or another.


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