Bald Barbie

Love this Facebook page advocating for a “Bald and Beautiful Barbie”. I was so bitter throughout my treatment of women with gorgeous, long hair – I can’t even imagine how young girls with disorders like alopecia must feel. The more difference can be celebrated, even in ways that seem small, the less people will feel like outsiders.


One thought on “Bald Barbie

  1. Yes, I agree with you and have already signed the petition to have a Bald Barbie. And yes, we certainly should celebrate differences. As I often say: different is not bad or good…it is just different! Viva la difference! And, Cara, I am so impressed that you have grown so much emotionally from your experience in becoming a cancer patient and then survivor. There is another saying that I likje; Life makes you either bitter or better! With you, life has CERTAINLY made you BETTER!
    Mazel Tov!

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