Article: Triple-Negative Research

Reading: Groundbreaking Research on Triple-Negative Breast Cancer Gets Boost from Komen

While this article has a positive message (hooray, research specifically geared toward triple-negative breast cancer!), it always scares me when the media talks about this subset of breast cancers because of things like this: “Research suggests that triple-negative breast cancers have a higher proportion of cancer stem cells.” It’s so cold-sounding, matter-of-fact. Like if my doctor were to just come out and say, “Cara, you have triple-negative cancer, and that’s bad because those cancers carry a higher incidence of brain mets, grow more aggressively, and tend not to respond to anything other than chemotherapy. So if chemotherapy stops working, you’re SOL.”

Sigh. It angers me that, though I feel so great about everything right now, one silly article can knock me down a few pegs and again bring about these fears of recurrence and death.


One thought on “Article: Triple-Negative Research

  1. wow! you are so allowed to be down sometimes. Just remember that these articles still apply to the whole population of BRCA peaps, you are you and most likely in the better prognosis group because of your early intervention.
    Your Dad (and he happens to be a doctor)

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