Add this to the “things that irk me” list

“Cancer, heart disease, drowning; all preventable with a vegan diet and a life-jacket.”

That was the status of one of my college friends on Facebook today. Maybe he meant to be cheeky… but still, it irks me when people have the attitude that cancer can be prevented with certain lifestyle changes. It’s simply not true. In my case my cancer was genetic. It may have been influenced by environmental factors (you know, that toxic sludge lake I swam in daily as a child… just kidding) but there was no hard or fast way I could have prevented it.

Make sure everyone you know learns the facts. There is a lot you can do to decrease your RISK, but you cannot flat-out prevent all cancers by changing your lifestyle.

Thanks for allowing me that preachy moment!


9 thoughts on “Add this to the “things that irk me” list

  1. The belief that dietary fiber prevents these cancers (Colon) was based on epidemiological evidence showing a very low incidence in the developing world. Dr. Denis Burkitt was the main proponent of this theory, and his 1979 best-selling book, “Don’t Forget Fibre in Your Diet,” was translated into nine languages. Less well-known is his theory, mentioned in the book, that the “squatting defecation posture “used in the developing world where Ottoman toilets are more widespread than the Western world is also a preventative factor, especially for colon diseases.
    Please google squatting defecation posture. Just as important as diet. Ha ha

  2. Thanks for coming to my blog and taking the time to call me a douchebag just because I didn’t get a reference to South Park. I really appreciate it. Readers, take note that this quote is actually from South Park, which makes it totally okay.

  3. AMEN. Yes, those things (healthy diet, exercise, avoiding alcohol, etc.) can certainly help prevent cancer, but no one can say that just eating a vegan diet will magically ensure you’ll never get cancer – especially in the case of those of us who are genetically predisposed. I could be 100% healthy in everything I ever do and I STILL have almost a 90% risk of cancer – it is what it is, and people need to stop being so judgy (South Park reference or not).

  4. hello! Here is the mantra my husband repeats as needed since my diagnosis January 2006 : It’s NOT your fault. It’s NOT your fault. It’s NOT your fault.

    Cancer happens. Guilt trippers may have good intentions but guarantee bad vibes. Fie! get away. Stay brave and strong.


  5. Cara…..i think his comment was totally insensitive and inappropriate! Southpark or wherever……….I would be offended if I were you and I read that. So there!

  6. Oh – I found your blog by searching ‘hyperbaric mastectomy’. I had a skin sparing/nipple sparing double mastectomy with expanders placed – terrible recovery due to necrotic tissue. I have been in hyperbaric treatments since 2 days post op – which is now almost 6 weeks ago. I am BRCA2 mutation positive and this is a risk reduction surgery. I am feeling so bad because this didn’t go anywhere NEAR perfect! It’s really awful although the docs are so nice and telling me it’s getting better but it is just totally gross. I hope that you are okay now and I will continue to read your blog to see how it all went. I was just so excited to see someone else in the world who got hyperbaric help with mastectomy healing.

    1. So glad you found this so you know you’re not alone! Are the treatments working at all? I only had two hyperbaric treatments (it was kind of a last resort situation and I just didn’t have enough time to continue with it before my surgeon wanted to remove the dead skin) but I completely understand the bad feelings. You just hear about so many women who have beautiful results and you wonder what you did wrong or how you will ever get to that point. The good news is, you will, though it might take some extra time or surgeries! In my case, I had to have the dead skin removed but I got to keep my nipple and I recently had it grafted so it is in the right place. I am on my way to looking great, and you will be too, eventually. Hopefully, more research will be done on hyperbaric treatments for mastectomy healing, because it will help women like us. Best of luck!

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