Breast Cancer Awareness Month

After reading this article in NPR: Amid Breast Cancer Month, Is There Pink Fatigue?, I want to write a simple post about this month and my recommendation for how to “celebrate” it. Yes – the pink can be overwhelming. Yes – many who have been affected by breast cancer take issue with the military terminology, the talk of “survivors” and “battling”, etc. Yes – the corporate partners who jump on board this month probably see it more as a marketing ploy rather than actually caring that they’re contributing to a good cause.

But I don’t think that any of this should negate the good that this month brings about, which is heightened awareness of a devastating disease that affects 1 in 8 women. No one who participates in a walk or buys a “pink” product with a ribbon on it has a malicious reason for doing so, though their reasons might be misguided.

So, rather than malign Breast Cancer Awareness month and those who participate in it, I ask that everyone take some time to do what’s really important – contribute to research, resources, and eradication of breast cancer by donating time or money directly to an organization that does good work. If you need suggestions, here are a few:

All of these organizations have helped me in some way. So rather than buy a silly little pink trinket so that 1% of the proceeds go to an organization that will then only use .2% on research, I ask you to directly support one of the organizations above, or an organization you know of that has touched your own life in some way.

Thanks, and happy Pinktober.


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