Survivor: My Video Story

As my dad pointed out to me the other day, when you Google my name, a whole new host of sites pop up. That’s partly thanks to this snazzy new video featuring, well, me, that was filmed by the good people at the George Washington University Medical Faculty Associates, where I have been receiving all of my cancer care.

Survivor : Cara Scharf from GW MFA on Vimeo.

A couple weeks back, the marketing department at MFA wanted to create a profile of a cancer patient, and my wonderful breast surgeon, Dr. Christine Teal, recommended me. I worked with Brandon Bray, a wonderful filmmaker, to put together the above video, which I think turned out beautifully. When I was approached to be profiled in video, my answer was of course, “YES!” Though it does give me pause to think that some people who don’t know what I’m going through might find this, that’s a small price to pay given the enormous desire I have to educate people and let other young women with breast cancer know they are not alone. It’s why I keep this blog and why I am proud of this video.

Please watch it and tell me what you think.


6 thoughts on “Survivor: My Video Story

  1. Cara this is so excellent and I will share with others. It is short but really zeros in on so many important messages. Great Kudos to you for doing this and kudos to all the great team at GWU and the videographer.

  2. Cara- That was such a beautiful and fantastic video! I’m so proud of you and can’t wait to see you next month!!

  3. Cara, The video is fantastic. It is a wonderful tribute to you, your family, your MDs, and especially your mother. As scary as this all is and has been, early screening gets us more of you. I am so proud of you for all this amazing writing and sharing that you’ve done to help yourself and others – A healing gift for the world. I only wished I could’ve heard your beautiful singing at the endof the clip, but I guess that is the next chapter. Lots of love and continued healing,

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