A nightmare

The other night I had a terrible dream. I haven’t remembered a lot of my dreams for the past couple of months, which is strange because there’s so much craziness in my life, I’d expect my subconscious to be working overtime. But this one was vivid and made me wake up in a cold sweat:

Photo credit: me and the Pixlromatic app

I was living in a run-down apartment, old-fashioned apartment, reminiscent of

those in Northeast Philadelphia. Our electricity was flickering and it was getting late, so I went down a set of stairs to lock up. The entrance I was locking up was guarded by several layers of doors – a screen, metal bars, a glass sliding door, and maybe more that I can’t remember. Before I could lock everything a man showed up at the door. He was dressed in a police uniform but I felt an inherent sense of danger – he was coming to kill me. I worked on the doors as fast as I could to fortify the entrance to my apartment but I couldn’t get any locks to fasten fully. I was panicking but kept shutting the doors and turning the locks as far as they would go, to buy time. At one point he even reached his hand through the bars on one door, seeming to help me shut and lock another door. Strange, but I continued figuring he was teasing me. When all of the doors were shut I scurried up the stairs, but I had such trouble with the last few steps – it felt like I was on a fast-moving escalator that kept going descending before I could get off. Finally I made it to the top step and could see into my darkened apartment, but I knew the man was getting through the doors below and coming after me.

That’s when I woke up and of course my head immediately thought about what the dream means in the context of my life. My big battle right now is against cancer. I’m doing all I can to lock it out of my body, but my biggest fear is that it’s still there and that I’m going to find out in the future that it’s invaded me, metastasized to a point that I can’t control. The never-ending steps remind me of how I feel right now – my last infusion is so close and I can see the end of treatment but I know things will never quite end. I might never reach that top platform of being completely cancer-free in my life.


6 thoughts on “A nightmare

  1. Hi Cara,

    No one knows the future and how this will all turn out. But with the help of good medical attention, the prayers of the many wh love you, your punk and courage, and just a tinsy bit of luck….. the nightmare you had last night may fade with time as the memory of your treaments become history. It’s funny how once you receive the C diagnosis, it seems to remain a part of your subconscius forever. It’s been over 20 years for me, but I can’t count how many times a suspicious lump, bump, or Xray made me wonder if it had returned. Thinking good thoughts for you and wishing you good dreams and great outcomes. Chuck Klayman

    Chuck Klayman

  2. You did a pretty good job analyzing your dream. It was frightening but there are many doors, locks, and bars to get through before reaching the many steps. You even wrote that he was seeming to help you shut and lock another door. As dreary and run down as your “house ” looked/felt it’s also locked up tight and secure, that’s the positive part of you.
    It was great seeing you. I keep thinking of you as your last chemo approaches. Tomorrow Yea!
    I love you, Andie

  3. cara i love you soo much as i tild you a few times you are my insparation ill be home on friday and ill email you all about the begening of my service year and mabye even pictures

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