Lopsided Again

Let’s look at today’s numbers:

My WBC count today: 2.485
Number of cc’s added to my right expander today: 40
Number of cc’s added to my left expander today: 70.

Yes; I am lopsided yet again. Sigh. I know I have to be patient if I want good cosmetic results, but this just sucks! No hair, uneven boobs, scars, weight gain – just slap my ass and call me deformed. I’ll most likely be lopsided for the next couple of months as my plastic surgeon works to make my left side, where I had to have a lot more skin removed, equal to my right side. More surgery will also be needed to accomplish symmetry, so it could be Thanksgiving before everything is over. I’m sure looking forward to September 1st, my last infusion, but I was reminded today that even after that date things aren’t quite over. On the bright side, the surgeries will be a lot easier than the chemo, and hopefully my hair will be growing at that point!

As I told my surgeon, I’ll just have to have a party in November celebrating turkey, stuffing, and new boobs.


3 thoughts on “Lopsided Again

  1. I’m suddenly less a fan of stuffing…..

    As of the evening on September 1st when the worst part is over, we’re going to spend the rest of fall getting excited for you to be completely done. And your hair is gonna grow back! Plus, basically every woman is uneven, and when this is all over you may be the only woman in DC who ISN’T!

  2. Lopsided is the new perfect. All the cool kids are lopsided. For the record, my boobs are two different sizes.

    You are so amazing and brave, and are truly an inspiration. I am so proud of you for being your incredible self through all this. I love you!

  3. Dear Cara,

    I have been following your blog and admire your strength, determination, sense of humor, and spunk. You remind me so much of your Mom. Many years ago in the late 80’s, we used to talk, commensurate, and swap stories of treatments, side-effects, and hopes for our futures. We were both diagnosed with Cancer within the same time frame but, as the wheel of fate would have it, my prognosis for a cure or remission was (from the get-go) far more likely than the one your Mom received. Your words bring warm and fond memories of a very special person that I still remember and miss. Looking forward to the blog that reads “Just had my five year checkup” and all is well! With love and admiration for who you are, Chuck Klayman

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