Dear Diary

One of the joys of spending time at home is exploring my childhood bedroom and finding old diaries and j0urnals I kept through middle and high school.

My diary wasn't nearly this sparkly, but it was still full of the teeny-bopper spirit. (photo credit)

The other night I was reading one from my last year of middle school and pretty much every entry was about a crush on a new boy who didn’t crush me back. OMG! The pain in my heart was palpable through my written words – and I felt a familiar twinge of the unrequited love syndrome that was all-too-familiar back in my teenage days.

Why do I write about this now? Well, after I put down the journal and laid down for bed, I thought a lot about how priorities change throughout life, especially when facing a mega-crazy situation like cancer. Back then, I

probably felt like I was going to die if Lenny* (*names have been changed to protect my innocent crushes) didn’t like me back. Today, there are times when I feel like I’m going to die because of cancer. It just puts things in perspective.

Also makes me long for the days when things were simple – though I’m sure my 13-year-old self wouldn’t have seen it that way.


2 thoughts on “Dear Diary

  1. Think about it , when you were having your 13 year old meltdowns do you think it would have helped to tell you ” stop your whining! You will have bigger things to worry about – Breast Cancer! nah I think you would have DEYFUS involved. As you said yesterday during our “Mexican trip” life just “is what it is at the moment” and circumstances change over time. You deserve happiness and pleasure for the next next 50 years .

  2. Another way to put things in perspective: you’re still the same height you were when you were 13.

    Glad the Taxol went well (killing 2 comments with 1 stone here) and I hope Willy likes you back! 😉

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