Marriage and The Last AC

I am happy to report that I had a wonderful time at my brother’s wedding. Though I had a ton of anxiety leading up to the event, after stepping off the plane in San Diego all I felt was pure excitement at the thought of sharing the event with my family and especially my brother and his wonderful fiance.

The rabbi officiating the wedding was a great speaker. She kept giving people time to be “present” – to really experience each second that passed and be in the moment, not thinking about the past or future, but about what was happening right then and there. It felt very poignant for my situation. One of the things I was so anxious about was that I wouldn’t be able to be present in the moment of my brother’s wedding – that I’d feel sick or be harping on my past or future treatments. But I truly was able to be there and feel the moment and dance at the reception and enjoy my family’s company, and it was a great weekend! I invite

Wedding picture
My parents and I at my brother's wedding reception. I was rockin' my real hair wig!

everyone reading my blog to take a second and really feel present in the moment that is taking place. The past is over; the future can wait; now is the most important thing and you don’t want it to flutter by without taking notice.

Of course, now I’m sitting at home the night before my last AC infusion and I’m feeling anxious all over again. The thought of the syringe filled with bright red Adriamycin being pushed into my veins just makes me want to vomit. How can it be that I’m hardly halfway through my treatment and I’m already sick of it? Tomorrow, as the drugs course through my body, I promise to try very hard to visualize them as good, cancer-killing forces rather than toxic, disgusting, side-effect causing forces.


2 thoughts on “Marriage and The Last AC

  1. Incredible! After seeing pics of your brother’s wedding (from your uncle Fred), I kept trying to “see” you in the pics -couldn’t find you.
    Now that you posted this, I thought you were some “little” girl!

    Keep smiling and be strong. Glad you really enjoyed the wedding!

  2. Cara, having you at my wedding was an extremely thick layer of the tastiest icing on a gigantic, delectable cake. Thank you for being strong and brave enough to have your smiling, beautiful self there, and for being “present” to experience the day with Julie and me. It honestly would have been difficult to enjoy the day fully had you not been there with us; our wedding would never have felt complete. I’m glad it all worked out, and I’m sorry you had to go home to more chemo. Hang in there. I love you.

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