The Big Bald Reveal: Video


9 thoughts on “The Big Bald Reveal: Video

  1. You are so beutil with or without yor hair! Your eyes become so central to yor look and when you smile, OMG you look so good. I was prepared for a shocking sad view but your smile overcomes it all! You are courageous. My wonderful,pretty daughter.

  2. What your father said is so true. As I was listening and watching I felt so much but all I could see was your beautiful smile with those beautiful white straight teeth. And your eyes shine. You look beautiful and healthy. I think your inner health and beauty just comes through. You are so articulate in your writing and speaking and bring us into your life. This is such a brave step and will certainly make you feel even stronger and bolder. You are totally beautiful. Thank you for your video!

  3. You look beautiful. You’re so strong and so brave for putting yourself out there through all of this – so glad Will/Billy (sorry, don’t think I can ever call him Will, haha :P) told me about your blog. Think about you guys everyday and sending you strength to continue to push through this – one day and one step at a time.

  4. Thanks for sharing a vlog!!! You are a courageous and positive person and I think many people will learn and be inspired from you.

    It’s true, you have a great smile and you still look beautiful!!!

  5. How cute are you! You have a wonderful shaped head…pretty eyes and smile…and your confidence, strength and spirit really shine. I think you look like a funky bohemian who would turn heads not because women shouldn’t be bald, but because you make it look so good! Can’t wait to see you later this week ❤

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