My breast surgeon on GMA

Check this out – my breast surgeon, Dr. Christine Teal, was on GMA this morning talking to Robin Roberts about her prophylactic double mastectomy.

It was pretty cool to see the woman who operated on me go on TV and advocate for this procedure, as controversial as it is. Dr. Teal has a family history but no BRCA gene and no cancer herself, so some might find this a bit extreme. Still, it made me feel wonderful to know my surgeon was as adamant about eradicating her own chances of breast cancer as she was about mine, and seeing what she said about the strength of us breast cancer survivors made me tear up a little.

Go Dr. Teal!


2 thoughts on “My breast surgeon on GMA

  1. You made it through your first round of chemo. Yippee! One done. Did you decide to go with the cold cap?? I’ll have to do some digging to find out exactly what that is. I hope the fog lifts soon and you had a good bike ride with your frozen baby daddy. Tell him hi from MA. Love to you

    1. Thanks!!! Good to hear from you and loved the pic of Calder on Facebook – what a cutie! I decided not to go with the cold caps… guess I should have clarified that. My doctor did not recommend them, simply because there is not enough research to say that there is no long term risk of getting metastatic disease later in life from the cells that escape the chemo under the cap. Makes sense to me and I am okay with losing my hair as long as it’s temporary. With the summer in DC, I might even be glad to be bald!

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