Double fisting



Want to see my port? Well you have no choice. There it is. And here’s proof that I’m staying hydrated.

No chemo drugs yet but I’m being pumped preliminarily with saline and antinausea stuff. And my doc treated me to some Ativan too, so you know I’m feeling good.


2 thoughts on “Double fisting

  1. CS, I just found out yesterday what you are going through when I was talking with your dad. I can only imagine what you have been dealing with. You are a very strong young woman. And, you will defeat this monster. Knowing you & working with you for a short period, nothing will stand in your way. You have the best support system out there. (FAMILY & FRIENDS) Even when you are home & going to treatments by yourself, you will never be alone. You have touched so many hearts, you truely are a beautiful young lady inside & out. On the brighter side, my neighbor had breast cancer last year & she too also lost all her hair. She now is cancer free & she has a nice head of hair now. So, keep your chin up. Before you know it, You will have your beautiful hair all back and you will be ready to concur the world. One step at a time. Sincerely, Michele

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