The Chemo Chronicles, part 1

Well, folks, I never thought this moment would come but the ball is rolling on my chemo treatment and it’s scheduled to start next week. Today was the first step in the process: an echocardiogram to get a baseline of my heart function and make sure it’s healthy enough for chemo. It was a totally non-invasive procedure – they put the sticky nodes on my chest and then used an ultrasound probe positioned on my chest to get an ultrasound of my heart. No big. Honestly the worst part is when they pull the sticky nodes off! I also have a scheduled meeting with my onc’s nurse tomorrow and a port placement next week. If all goes according to plan, I’ll start chemo next Thursday (eek!).

Leaving the building felt surreal after the echo. Every once in a while I have these moments where I still can’t believe this is my reality. I still can’t believe I’m a breast cancer patient, that I had a double mastectomy a month and a half ago, and that I’m about to go through chemotherapy. Does it ever really sink in?

The cold cap therapy is still on my mind as well as I struggle with the decision to do it or not. I think what scares me the most and still makes me keep the option open is the possibility of permanent baldness. I will talk to my onc tomorrow to see what the real likelihood of that is. If it’s a very small percentage, I’m thinking I might ditch the cold cap idea. Too much hassle. If it’s a higher percentage than I expect – well, maybe I’ll say “bring on the brain freeze.” Why is this decision so hard?

Check out the video below on how to use cold caps. I’m researching all I can before making this decision.


3 thoughts on “The Chemo Chronicles, part 1

  1. Having just helped my wife through chemo, here’s a few things we wish somebody had told us :-

    1) Sucking ice lollies throughout the treatment will MASSIVELY help prevent sore mouth/lips/etc

    2) Ask other patients about “chemo-brain” : a lot of people find they can’t always think straight when on chemo

    3) Watch out for strange cravings for foods – we had steak (she is a vegetarian!), pinapple and coffee.

    Best of luck with it all!!


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