I’m Quoted in an Article

I want to share an article that I’ve been quoted in: Giving up their breasts to save their lives. It’s a good article that, unlike some articles I’ve read recently, is extremely fair to women who opt for drastic surgeries.

This isn’t the first article that I’ve been quoted for, but I sometimes feel torn about sharing my story. I wonder if people I knew in elementary school will read this, and I’m not sure I’m comfortable with them knowing that I’m BRCA positive. On the other hand, it is a part of who I am and I like talking to the media so I can spread knowledge and advocate for the decisions people like us have to make.

The other day I was getting a ride home from someone in my singing group (yes, I’m in an adult acapella group because I’m that awesome) and we were talking about a related topic so I just out and told him I was BRCA positive. After I said it, I felt a little weird, like ‘why the heck did I just reveal that to this person I don’t know very well?’ But it also made me realize how comfortable I am with sharing the information, and I don’t really see any reason to keep it a secret. He also knew what I was talking about, which was good because it means that knowledge about the breast cancer genes is becoming more widespread.

Anyway… enjoy the article!


4 thoughts on “I’m Quoted in an Article

  1. It’s such a delicate balance, isn’t it? TO tell or not to tell. And who? I went to my ten year college reunion, got drunk, and basically told everyone about my mastectomy. I mean, when they asked, “What’s new?” I’m sure they didn’t expect me to point to my tits. But, alas, sometimes it’s something I (or the wine) feels compelled to tell. There’s a blog post in that somewhere. Would that I had time to write it!

  2. Thanks for the info, Rachel! I updated it so hopefully it will work now.

    @ Steph, definitely a delicate balance! I sometimes open up to people I hardly know but at the same time I still haven’t told my grandparents. It’s kind of crazy. If you write a post about it, let me know!

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