Up Next: Healthy Women Removing their Breasts?

BRCA has been a big story in the news in the past week. On our local Fox affiliate (Fox 5, DC, and no… I don’t regularly watch Fox but I do like to watch it in the morning because it’s the only local broadcast) they featured a story about women with BRCA removing their breasts, and I guess the same footage has been shown on several news stations because a recent study came out that says mastectomies and ovary removals reduce cancer risk. Well, duh.

Here’s an article from ABC that features a member of my local DC FORCE community: Mastectomy, Ovary Removal Reduce Some Cancer Risk and Mortality.

I guess it’s good that us mutants are getting media attention. We want to raise awareness and all… But I also hate how the news sensationalizes things like this. OMG! Healthy women are going to drastic measures to beat breast cancer! What has society come to?!?

Unless you have BRCA, you cannot fathom what it takes to make the decision to have surgery. I am afraid that people won’t understand our situation based on the media coverage, and that they’ll say negative things like, “These women are crazy. I would never do that.”

Anyone else have thoughts on this?


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