Crazy Expensive Drugs, and Thoughts for a fellow BRCA-er

Several news sites were abuzz yesterday with the prospect of the FDA revoking its approval of Avastin, a drug used to prevent tumors from growing in people with very late-stage breast cancer.

Here’s an article from the Washington Post: FDA considers revoking approval of Avastin for advanced breat cancer

While it’s not immediately relevant to my situation or that of many previvors, it was shocking for me to see how expensive these cancer-treatment drugs are. The article says that the producing drug company has a program that caps yearly payments at $57,000 for women with income less than $100,000 – that’s more than HALF the woman’s income spent on one drug! Crazy.

I also want to send thoughts toward another woman who blogs about BRCA and is a great supporter of our mutated little community. Teri Smieja, whose blog is here, has been struggling with some post-surgery complications. You can read about them in her August 14th post.

While I have not yet decided to have surgery and I don’t see myself having surgery for a while, reading about this does make me scared for the day it eventually happens. Please support Teri in her journey and let her story be a warning and a learning experience in your own BRCA journey.


One thought on “Crazy Expensive Drugs, and Thoughts for a fellow BRCA-er

  1. Thank you for thinking of me, I need all the kind thoughts I can get right now. I’m so sorry if I’ve frightened you – I’ve had 2 complications so far, and I do know that considering where I went for my surgery (the best place in the U.S., in NOLA) it is so rare for this to be happening to me. There are always going to be extremes on either sides. Check out my friend, Rachel, she has a great blog, at Losing the Boobs (, went with a different reconstruction than I did, and her results are perfect. She shares her photos throughout. Keep in mind that no one has the same recovery, and yes, there’s always a chance of complications. But some people get through this with no problems at all.

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