And My Boobs Emerged, Unscathed

Well I just got home from my first ever mammogram. I was pretty nervous going into it but I have to say: it was nothing.

Seriously. Here’s the blow-by-blow, for your reading pleasure: First I had to take my shirt off and put on a gown. Then I went into the room where the machine was, and the woman told me they were going to take four pictures. She arranged my breast on a platform and kind of pushed and pulled me around for a second, making sure I was in the right position. Then a plastic plate descended onto my breast, and pushed it flat. It felt a bit strange and there was some pressure, but it did not hurt. When she was satisfied, the tech moved to the computer and told me to hold my breath while she captured the image. This was probably the hardest part, but it was only a second or two until I was done. This process repeated three more times (they took 2 images of each breast) and all together I was in there about 5 minutes. Then I was done. Completely. I didn’t even have to pay a copay!

Now, as others have indicated, the hard part is waiting for the results. I might have to go in and get some more images taken, especially because I am young ang this was my first mammogram ever (they’ve got nothing to compare it to). So we’ll see what happens. I can’t say I’m too nervous – the likelihood of me having cancer at 25 is miniscule – but it’s still a possibility.

After the procedure (if you can even call it that) I went shopping. Yup, I dropped about $150 at Gap and Anthropologie. I considered it a girly reward for doing my girly duties.

Also, I wanted to share this picture. Before the mammo I had to clean the deoderant off my armpits with this aptly-named tool:

For all your memmo-wiping needs
Love whoever came up with that brilliant product name.

3 thoughts on “And My Boobs Emerged, Unscathed

  1. you are one lucky woman. my mammograms were always extremely painful. i would be compressed so much that my nipples would leak white fluid from the ducts and burst cysts. it was agonizing and always scary because i always had new lumps. fortunately never cancer.

    thanks for your post!

    1. Hi Rachel,

      Thanks for the comment. You bring up a good point that I should have mentioned in my post: that every woman has a different experience. I am sorry that you have to go through all that, but glad you haven’t had cancer yet! I think that no matter how bad the experience is, it’s definitely better to have the surveillance than be surprised with a too-late cancer diagnosis.


  2. hey cara!

    thanks for your response back! i had a double mastectomy in april so no more mammograms for me! yay! lol.

    i think it depends on the technician as well, because once, i had a different tech and it was way more bearable than the regular screener, so keep this in mind.


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