Article in Time about Genes for Breast Cancer

Found this article last week: Researchers Identify Gene Variants for Breast Cancer.

It’s not about BRCA, but it is about other genes that affect a woman’s chances of getting breast cancer. While I found the article to be very vague, it does have a positive message, which you can read in this excerpt:

“Instead, the most immediate utility of the genes, say both Offit and Reeves, is in providing researchers new targets for interrupting the formation of tumors. “What we have to remember is these genes that are associated with breast cancer risk come from regions [in the genome] where there are no known genes, or from genes whose function we don’t fully understand yet,” says Reeves. “By studying these genes associated with breast cancer risk, we can throw light on what in the body leads to breast cancer development. If we understand what their functions are, it can help us to better understand what the mechanism is for the development of breast cancer.”

(Taken from, more at the link above.)


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