A tribute to Mr. Kennedy

I was never a political person up until about a year ago, so I have to admit that I am not well-versed in all of Edward M. Kennedy’s work. But what I glean from everything I read is that he was a staunch supporter of the war on cancer and an advocate of improving our healthcare system. To me, those are both admirable causes.

Though he didn’t die of breast cancer (rather a much more aggressive brain tumor), he still represents someone for whom the war on cancer has not gone far enough. And all of us who have been touched by cancer, no matter what kind, should heed his message and appreciate the work that he did. Hopefully, his death will trigger a positive reaction in the cancer-fighting community, as well as Congress where the healthcare bill is unfortunately creating rifts and becoming something far from what it was intended to be (or what it needs to be).

I’m sorry to those of you who may not agree with my views on the healthcare thing, and perhaps I shouldn’t be political, but I think Kennedy brings to light something we can all agree on – if more can be done to prevent and cure cancer, it should be done.

I leave you with this NYTimes article about Mr. Kennedy, from today’s paper. It’s an informative piece on hope and reality in the fight against cancer.


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