Fighting Cancer, One Enemy at a Time

I remember a while ago having a conversation with a college friend… you know, one of those academic-type paranoid conspiracy theorists… about whether the government had already found a cure for cancer, but they weren’t sharing it because it wouldn’t be profitable for drug companies if everyone with cancer could be cured. I don’t actually believe that… I don’t think… but I guess it does seem like it could be true.

Whether it is or isn’t true, one thing is for certain: there is a lot of cancer research that goes on, and a lot of different theories on how a cure for cancer would work. This article from yesterday’s NYTimes (written by James Watson, I believe of Watson & Crick DNA helix fame) lays out a pretty good plan of attack – getting rid of cancer using our knowledge of cancer’s genetic and chemical makeup. He advocates going “all out” against cancer now, rather than waiting until we have a bigger arsenal against it. Blast cancer now! Don’t wait!

Or at least come up with a cure before I get it. Please?

In other news, I scheduled my yearly appointment with the genetic breast cancer expert at UPenn Hospital, so I’m looking forward to hearing how her thoughts have changed in the past year and if she has any new ideas for preventive care. I was a little disappointed that it took me a half hour of waiting on the phone to learn that the next available appointment isn’t for another month and half… but I sucked it up and scheduled it anyway.


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