It’s the Network

I’m blogging about BRCA at work. Actually, I’ve made all the posts to this blog during work. Maybe it’s because when I get home, all I want to do is sprawl on the couch and watch TV. Or maybe it’s because I have an aversion to actually doing work. Or maybe it’s because reading and blogging about BRCA are much more interesting than my job. Either way – I hope my boss doesn’t find out.

I’ve been searching the blogosphere trying to connect with other BRCA bloggers, and it’s amazing how many I’ve found! I honestly thought I had a novel idea, sharing my thoughts about BRCA in a blog. Of course, no one has EVER done that before! Well I was wrong. Really wrong. But I’m not upset at all. I’m really glad to know there are several women out there who are willing to share their experiences, and I’m happy to connect to them from my blog because we’re all in this together (please excuse the cheesy High School Musical reference). Anyway, here are two that I found recently, and I am sure that I will be adding more every so often in the future. Probably when I’m at work.

I’m a Mutant by Sandra Ginzburg
Goodbye to Boobs


2 thoughts on “It’s the Network

  1. Hi there! Thanks for reading my blog. I am also planning to put together a blog roll and I will link you. I hope you’re doing well. Best.


  2. Hi there. You’re right, there are lots of us out here, and with blogs too. 🙂 Writing about what we are going through is a good way to help ourselves heal.

    Glad to have come across yours.. I’ll add you to my blogroll as well. 🙂

    Teri Smieja

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