Cute girl youtubes about BRCA

The Web and all forms of social networking are pervading our lives. I mean have you been following the Iran election struggle and all the Tweets that accompany it? I think it’s pretty crazy, but also pretty awesome how readily available this information is. Sometimes it’s even better than the news (and sometimes it’s IN the news… the NYTimes has taken to quoting Twitter!).

Well it’s in the BRCA world as well. Today I read in the Hartford Courant about a girl who’s been posting videos on Youtube about her experience with BRCA and with ovarian and breast cancer. She talks about getting a double mastectomy and chemotherapy, and provides some practical and much-needed advice and support for women. I think it’s worth checking out, so I’ve put it here.

As it says in the Courant, she found lots of videos with older women that didn’t really relate to her, and I feel the same way. Not that older women aren’t great, but I think there need to be more resources for young women.

She has 2 videos, this is just one. But check her out on Youtube under ucnhuskie.

Thanks Jessica for giving us this glimpse!


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