Breast Health & Healing: Kathleen T. Ruddy’s blog

I am adding a link to Kathleen T. Ruddy’s blog. I stumbled across it today after someone posted it on Facebook (praise Facebook!) and though it’s not directly about BRCA, it does have a lot of sound information on studies related to breast cancer. For us BRCA-ers, it’s a good source for learning about preventative measures like drinking more soy or taking tamoxifen. Ruddy is a breast surgeon who founded the Breast Health and Healing Foundation.

It’s always great to find sources where research and medical information are presented well (and in terms I can understand). There’s so much out there that people with BRCA should be keeping up on, and people like Ruddy make it all the more easy on us!


One thought on “Breast Health & Healing: Kathleen T. Ruddy’s blog

  1. Thank you for creating the link to my website. I want to help women prevent breast cancer, or prevent its return so it is very important to enlarge my “footprint” in cyberspace. Please let me know if, in the future, there are any topics you would like me to address in my blogs. Kind regards, Dr. Ruddy

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